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Welcome to Yuk Melali!

Once we hear about Bali, especially Ungasan, all we know is a surfer headquarters and having many choice of beach such as Green bowl beach, Balangan beach, Melasti Beach, Thomas beach, and many more!

That’s it ? surely there is something special for you all, especially for donuts lover.

A brand new spot so called ‘Tarabelle Donuts’ is located in uluwatu street. Start since February 2018, they served a handmade donuts, fresh from the oven daily with high quality ingredients. The reason to come back for this over and over again!

Tarabelle Donuts
Tarabelle Donuts
Tarabelle menu on board

The location is quite easy to find, it is in the right side after passing Nirmala Ungasan store, just one way to go to nice beaches and uluwatu sacred temple. Tarabelle Donuts served many variant of donuts, made from natural ingredients which is each variation has a special taste. In our opinion, this is the best taste than other, not over-sweet and the donut dough is very soft. Perfect combination as a morning breakfast, sweets tooth, or afternoon coffee.

Tarabelle Donuts
Tarabelle Donuts
Tarabelle Donuts – Orange Flavor Donuts

Tarabelle Donuts not only serve a donuts, but also a donuts toasties with variants of spread. All variant are great with fresh ingredients. Our favorite here are bacon egg cheese and ham cheese tomato.

Having a great coffee taste here, from hot and iced coffee is wonderfull. If you are looking for something fresh, try their fresh milk or Orange Juice, it is 100% Fresh squeezed orange!

Tarabelle Donuts
in frame : Hot Cappucino

The ambience at Tarabelle Donuts was so chill and comfy to take a breakfast or spending quality time afternoon with your family and friends. All you need for your weekend plan!

Tarabelle Donuts

Visit to Tarabelle Donuts ?

Instagram : @tarabelledonuts

Location : Jalan Raya Uluwatu No 77, Ungasan, Bali

Hours : Tuesday to Sunday. ( 08 a.m – 06 p.m for tue-sat | 08 a.m – 03 p.m for sun | Monday Closed )

Enjoy and have a donuts day!

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